Are You a Solid, Liquid, or Gas?
Staying Connected to the Vine
How Does the Sun Get Its Energy?
Forgive Me Forward
Flames and Reflections


What's Behind Door #3?
Mentor, Protector, and Friend
Your Gift or Mine?
Make a Thanksgiving "Deposit"
Cornerstones: NOLA, Old Friends, & 9th Ward
Angels, Demons, and Superheroes
Your Life - Wave or Particle
Both Sides of the Giving Hand
When Colored Plastic Begins to Fade
Row, Row, Row, Your Boat
Quiet Greatness Among Us
With Grinding Needs Everywhere - Why China?
The Greatest Fear - Our Own Irrelevance
Palpable Stories
China's Abandoned and Disabled Children
Do You See a Rectangle or a Circle?
Religion, Relationships, and Relativity
Happy Easter - Make Something New
Ever feel like a dung beetle?
Time, a roll of toilet paper, a paint brush stroke
We Have the Fossils... We Win
Face It... Perception is Reality
Thank you!
"Mom, I don't believe there is only one God"
Enormous Display of Right-Mindedness
Right Mind or Left Field
The Snowflake Perspective - Happy New Year!


Unwrapping the "Present" - Christmas Mystery
Special Relativity and a First Grader's Pumpkin
A Final Word - Healed, Saved, or Cured
Sorry God... You're Not FDA Approved
Who's Guarding Healthcare's Hen House
"Blink" - PictureThem As Skeletons
"Eve, where did you get that apple?"
Tennis Anyone?
Paths Taken
Links in the Chain
Do you Believe in Signs?
A Legacy of Exponential Potential
Soul Factory
Being Bigger Than Ourselves
Whose Table Is It?
Upon This Man I Will Build My Life
Faces of Grace
Perfectionism - Don't Allow Expectations to Steal Your Joy
Motive - Never Stop Asking Yourself - "Why?"
Open Cups Receive - Thoughts on Inspiration
Happy Mother's Day - Embrace the Miracle Worker Within
Guard Your Heart - A Quantum Perspective
"Hug Me!" - A different perspective on approaching God "as a child."
Easter Hope - East meets West
Good Friday and The Two Great Laws of Love