Guard Your Heart - A Quantum Perspective

The other day I sought the support of a wonderful friend. Before I took the next step toward a new endeavor, I wanted him to know about it, to pray, and to send positive thoughts. Here is some of the advice he offered. "The negative thoughts we naturally have as humans, in and of themselves, have no power. Only you can give power to them."

I am certain you have heard variations of this wonderful truth. The question is, what do we do that gives a thought power? A number of years ago I read a book titled "Quantum Consciousness" by Stephen Wolinsky. More recently, I have been listening to some
basic quantum mechanics as I drive between home health patients. My study of the quantum world together with growing time spent in scripture have yielded interesting parallels.

There appears to be a wave-particle duality in all of nature including the photons of light, the atoms of matter, and the thoughts of our mind. Einstein is credited with helping us understand that light travels as a wave but interacts as a particle. Thought can be considered the same way. The thoughts that come and go, in and out of our mind, all day long can be described as waves. The ones we focus on and spend time with become the particles that make up the character of our heart.

In the scriptures of many faiths, the terms heart, thought, and mind can be virtually exchanged for one another. Since Jesus is seen in scripture reading people's hearts and thoughts as the same thing, I feel we can confidently exchange these terms as well. Furthermore, in Matt 6:19-21 Jesus speaks of the treasures we build up, not only as material wealth, but as
anything we focus on and deem most important. He concludes, "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be." Another fascinating scripture is found in 2 Corinthians chapter 10. The "strongholds," Paul discusses, that are "not of this world" are the pervasive thoughts of people. We give the things we focus on power over our lives.

his brings us to a question I often pondered as a child. In what way are we made in God's image? We, as humans, have the ability to focus on a thought and vision to such an extent we manifest it into being. We can do this from a thought. Seems to me the wave definitely became a particle. Seems to me the Two Great Commandments are very focused. Seems to me Jesus knows His quantum physics.

If we can help our next generation around the globe see themselves in this image, maybe we will stop underestimating their potential. Maybe they will stop underestimating themselves and each other. Hope in this creative image and the understanding of what
inspiration (being in this image) feels like are two of the greatest gifts we can give the hearts of the next generation and the world they will inherit.

I would love to hear your comments. God bless you, Michele