Edges are fascinating. In our lives, the edge often defines the end of one season and the beginning of another. The day we marry. The day one chooses to leave. The day a baby is born. The day a cherished one dies.

Edges truly are the point at which our fear and hope meet.

The cosmos present to us some impressive edges. The edge of a black hole is called the event horizon. Nice name. Beyond this edge even light does not escape. Time, as the greatest minds can
comprehend through relativistic geometry, also breaks down. The Russians call black holes, frozen stars, because at this edge time too stands still.

Time feels as if it stands still at the moment of an edge, the point of a transition, the choice to
take a path which forever leaves our lives changed. Even the smaller edges of our day to day are poignant, the edge between a hard truth and a little white lie, the parental edge between keeping your cool or lashing out with a sharp tongue, the nervous edge between laughter and tears as a dying friend faces the most mysterious edge of all. Real life is experienced at the edges.

These edges are no less profound than that of a frozen star. We are seldom aware of the countless lives impacted with the decision we make at an edge.

Just as joy is found in our non-attachment to
expectations, our ultimate hope may lie in the actual impermanence of all things, other than of course, what lies beyond the edge of hope itself. For anything that is real has no beginning and no end.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him…
Romans 15:13

Always enjoy your thoughts. Michele

Flames and Reflections

This is a fabulous time of year. I love the warmth of a home as it envelops us from the cold, the crackle and aroma of a wood fire gently lighting a room, my hands wrapped around a thick mug of piping hot green tea. As we come down from the hustle of the holidays, we should take a moment to reflect on our dreams before we dive full and hard into our goals for the new year. I was taking a much need pause in my new "spot," designed partially to feed my soul and partially to hide momentarily from the boys, and lit a candle. As I settled into the darkness around me, I watched the flame.

Flames are alive... They dance.

I thought about the flames which have been ignited in my own life, the fire of
desire and of dreams.

I watched.

This flame's origin was difficult to define, so is my own. Yet regardless of whether or not we can find the origin of the visions burning in our minds we cannot deny them, for they alone make us feel alive.

Flames require oxygen. When we surround ourselves with individuals who feed our dreams and provide oxygen to our flames, our spirit feels
renewed and refreshed. We are so grateful for them.

I noticed how the flame reached higher and higher expanding into the darkness.

Just then two of our sons called out, "Where's mommy?" As they flew into the room, offered their request, and exited just as quickly, I watched the flame dodge and twist in the turbulence. Once it regained a resting place, it took a bit of time to begin reaching upward again. The
stillness around the flame is necessary, even critical, to its reach.

This is where I tend to go so dreadfully astray.

I am so excited about my dreams. I have enormous energy and passion to work toward my goals. But as I produce impatient turbulence around the natural movement and reach of my flame, I disturb its
path. I lessen its maximal reach. I must remember my flame does not belong to me alone. The origin of its light resides someplace else, and its potential power cannot be forced.

Next time you ponder the dreams which ignite your soul, light a candle and sit in a
quiet place with the flame. There is a fine line between life giving oxygen and the winds of restlessness. Your flame is alive... Allow it to lead the dance.

"Be still, and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10

I always look forward to your thoughts. Michele