How Does the Sun Get Its Energy?

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For the Heart and Mind of Your Young Einstein

One day, Little Albert wondered about the source of the sun’s energy. How does this big, hot ball in the sky keep burning day after day after day? So, he decided to research the sun.

Little Albert learned the sun is powered by the nuclear fusion of hydrogen atoms at its core. Little Albert knew the atom is the smallest piece of an element. He also knew hydrogen is one of those elements. Hydrogen is a gas, but what in the world is nuclear fusion? Little Albert continued to search, and he found there are two types of nuclear reactions: fission and fusion.

Fission is the splitting apart of a big atom like plutonium or uranium into smaller atoms. Fission, the division of an atom, is known to us here on earth because this is the way nuclear power plants work, even though fission does not normally occur in nature.
OK. So what about fusion? Fusion is the combining of two tiny atoms, like hydrogen, into a larger atom like helium. This is done naturally, and it is the process by which the sun provides energy for all life on the planet earth.

When humans split atoms and cause a chain reaction, it releases a lot more energy than any of the other ways we currently produce power for our day to day lives. But Little Albert learned it is
nothing compared to the energy released when the sun naturally combines its hydrogen atoms to make helium. The nuclear power plants here on earth produce a ton of energy by dividing the atom, but the sun
produces many more times as much power by unifying them. Little Albert learned there is much more energy released through merging atoms together than by dividing them. The sun’s energy is enormous!

That night when Little Albert laid his head down on his pillow he thanked God for the cool way the sun fuses atoms in order to produce the energy that keep the plants, oceans, and all the animals alive. In the quiet, Little Albert heard God say, “It is no different for any of those made in my image. There is infinitely more power when my people are unified than when they are divided.”

People may feel they can produce force when they divide and exclude others, but this is tiny compared to the enormous power possessed when they choose to gather together. Remember, Little Albert, unity will always out-perform and out-power division, whether it be the energy released from an atom or the love released from a human heart.

Jesus tells us:
“For where two or more come together in my name, there I am with them.”
Matthew 18:20

Make every effort to keep the unity of Spirit through the bond of peace.
Ephesians 4:3

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