Staying Connected to the Vine

For the Heart and Mind of Your Young Einstein
Austin Faith and Family

Little Albert was hanging out over at Max’s house when Max’s dad came home with a beautiful potted plant. It had huge, white, fragrant flowers.

“Who is this wonderful plant for?” asked Little Albert.
“This is a lily for Max’s mommy. Easter is next Sunday,” Max’s dad reminded.
“That’s nice,” answered Little Albert. “Could I please have just one of those perfect flowers for my mom on Easter?”
“Sure, but be certain to put it in some water,” Max’s dad instructed as he cut one of the sturdy stalks from the plant and handed it to Little Albert. On top of the stalk sat an enormous bloom.
“Thank you!”

Little Albert rushed home, secretly slipped the lily into a cup of water, and hid it in his closet. The next morning Little Albert noticed the flower didn’t look as fresh as the day before. He decided to research what plants need to stay healthy.

Little Albert learned a plant stays healthy and grows through a process called photosynthesis. He learned plants require clean water, sunlight, carbon dioxide, and mineral rich soil to thrive. His flower has clean water, so maybe it requires some sun and fresh air. Little Albert found a nice sunny spot outside where his flower would have the things it needs, but where his mommy would not discover his special gift.

Little Albert’s flower seemed happy, but on Thursday he noticed the flower was beginning to droop and the crisp white petals were curling on the edges.
“Oh no!” gasped Little Albert. “What is it you need now to stay healthy?”

What was he missing? Little Albert went back to his research. “Aha, I ‘m missing the mineral rich soil," he said confidently. Little Albert went out to his daddy’s garden house and found a bag of mineral rich soil and a nice pot. He placed the stalk deeply into the soil and gently patted until it was secure. Then he added some clean water and placed the flower in his perfect sunny but cool spot.

“There, now you have everything you need. See you on Sunday.”

Easter Sunday had arrived, and Little Albert was excited to present his special gift. He bounced out to retrieve the flower.
“Oh no!”
“What is it Little Albert?”
“Your special flower is dead,” he sobbed.
“Oh Albert, this flower has been cut from its vine. Nothing can live very long once it is detached from the vine.”

That night Little Albert and his mommy spent some time in God’s word.
“I have a special message from Jesus for you on this day of Easter hope.”
John 15:4 begins, “Remain in me, and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine... Now remain in my love.”

“You see, it is not the things from the outside, but our roots in the love of Jesus that keep us alive and healthy. Sweet dreams Little Albert.”

True, a story written for a child, but how many times do we find ourselves in the state of this flower? I often find myself so busy and consumed that my once soft, vibrant, open petals are all but dried up, dull, and closed.

We reach for a variety of things outside of ourselves to fill us up, yet they inevitably fail because we are no longer connected to the vine.

Easter is a perfect time to
rethink, reconnect, and renew. Easter is our reminder to gratefully embrace the certainty and hope that all things are made new again.

Happy Easter. Michele