A Legacy of Exponential Potential

The Greek philosopher Pericles once said, "All things human pass away. It is only the legacy we leave behind that lives on."

I just finished teaching a class for
physical therapy students in the area of spinal cord injury rehabilitation. This was my nineteenth year. Every year feels like a greater and greater opportunity, and it is never difficult to find new things to share.

I want the students to leave class with the basic skills and entry level confidence to treat this population of patients. I could never accomplish this alone. What makes this class special are the numerous professionals and individuals with spinal cord injury who generously give of their time and open their lives to these eager clinicians to be. Nothing is off limits, and by the end, both student and teacher become aware and begin to embrace their potential legacy.

If a legacy is defined as "strong" by leaving the world a better place than we find it, these student's choice in career is particularly blessed. On any given day, we not only have the chance to personally leave the world a better place, but we have the opportunity to assist another back to engaging in their
purpose. We become bigger than ourselves becau
se we can help empower someone else to continue building their own legacy. Not being a mathematician, even I can see the exponential potential in this most blessed career path.

Last night I watched a report by Christiane Amanpour titled
"Generation Islam". The report spoke to the power of educating the youth particularly in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Through money spent on books instead of bombs, we can help facilitate open education of this next generation. The piece highlighted the work of Greg Mortenson author of the best selling book "Three Cups of Tea." Greg has dedicated his life to developing community-based education and literacy programs in this region. With special attention given to empowering young women, this next generation will have the potential to take control and define the direction of their own country... Their own legacy.

So, as I reflect on my little piece of the world and this year's students, my hope for them is a calling not just a career. One can build a kingdom
for this short life on earth through a career, but only through a calling can one build a legacy that will not soon pass away.

May you
not miss your calling. You never know the infinite potential of the souls you touch, or the blessing they may have in store for the world.