Good Friday and The Two Great Laws of Love

I woke up this morning thinking how, on this day, Jesus worked out the ultimate example of God's two Great Laws of Love. I ponder these two spiritual laws often, and much of the writing I have done at the children's level exemplify these truths.

What does it mean to "love God" with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength? What does it mean to "love" the source of everything? That alone causes one to pause. I love my children. I try to provide them safety, food, comfort, guidance, Yet, God does not need these things from me. I love my husband. I try to provide him support, respect, Yet, God does not require these things from me either.

God is spirit. How do you love the spiritual force who created the universe? What does it mean to love God with everything we've got?

The analogy of the Vine, in chapter 15 of John's gospel, is the best way I have found to wrap my head around how to "love" God. We are called to abide in Him. To abide is to remain, linger, reside, spend time with...hang out. We obviously cannot do this in the physical sense with God as we do with our friends over a glass of wine here on earth, so we must do it mentally. We must be still. As many of you moms will agree, this is virtually impossible in the physical sense. My challenge and personal desire has always been to be still and abiding in my thoughts. The profound phrase to
"pray without ceasing" gives meaning to this hope.

Here, in our
thoughts, we are in charge. Here we have the freewill of choice. Here no one else can enter. Here we can always aspire to be still and abide. Here is the greatest commandment and the greatest challenge of my life.

Jesus is seen quietly abiding with God frequently, and through His creativity, compassion, wisdom, and love displayed on earth it becomes clear that His connection with God is constant. Jesus, through His connection with the Creator of everything, knew Himself fully. By knowing ourselves in this divine way it is possible to "love others as ourselves."

The mystery of God's second Great Law of Love culminates on Good Friday in the cosmic surrender for an other...all others.

Happy Easter.
God Bless you, Michele