God's Spirit
"I was surprised at how well the author broke these complex ideas into more easily grasped pieces. I like the inclusion of Scripture verses and the clarity of vision the author has for the stories."
--From Christian Children's Book Review--

God's Spirit in the Heart of Every Child - Timeless Short Stories

I’m Looking For God - I couldn't find him in my dictionary

A story inspired by a six-year-old as he looked for “god” in his children’s dictionary. The little boy searches and searches, but he cannot find God out there anywhere. Finally, after becoming quiet and still, he finds God’s spirit in his heart and this changes everything.

God, What Should I Be When I Grow Up? - A story of God’s gifts and His spirit within us

This story features the Bird of Inspiration, an analogy of the Holy Spirit, whose qualities point us toward our gifts, purpose, and freedom.

What Makes God Smile Makes Us Strong - Allowing God to work through us

This story teaches to box up and surrender all of the useless things that separate us from our Creator, freeing us to do His will and make Him smile.

Great Commandment Discussion - Each of the three stories is followed by a brief discussion of how it specifically relates to the truth of God's Two Great Commandments. The repetition of God's Spiritual Laws of Love reminds our children of their importance.

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"God's Spirit in the Heart of Every Child"

I really enjoyed the simplicity, tone, and pace of the stories. The Scripture references throughout the book not only give support for the ideas on the page but provide a place where a parent can take the child for further study. The discussions at the end of each story pull the main points together nicely. May God bless you as you connect children to Him and give families tools for truth!

Tim Hawks, Senior Pastor
Hill Country Bible Church, NW
Austin, Texas

After reading the stories, I found my spirit stirring throughout the day as I was challenged to apply God's two great commandments to my own life.  I can't tell you how powerful the stories were for me!  I love the brilliant and creative ways you illustrate God's purpose to a child! 

Benbrook, Texas

I was touched by the inner workings of this precious child's heart. His questions share a message of the eternally-existent, perfect, almighty Being, the Creator of heaven and earth. When you give this beautifully written book with stunning illustrations to your child, you will give a gift that lasts forever.

Carolyn Hargrove
Second Grade Teacher
River Place Elementary

"God's Spirit in the Heart of Every Child" presents profound spiritual truths in language that is simple and enjoyable enough for a child. The Scriptures intertwined within the text reinforce that these are not just cute bedtime stories but eternal truths that can change the hearts of the next generation. 

Sharon Gardner
Hospital Chaplain and Author
Leander, Texas

The stories and the illustrations are both exceptional. They have a strong spiritual and practical message so badly needed today. God bless you for your eagerness to spread God’s word.

Father George Von Kaenel
Glenrock, Wyoming

How wonderful these stories are. They really ministered to me as right now the teenage woes are upon us, and I want our son to be a little boy again so badly.  It occurs to me that the messages you have put in these books are timeless, and they will be great gifts to parents and their children at all ages. I love how the stories flow together and how deep the stories are YET still on a child's level of understanding. I'm amazed by your ability to communicate with the written word.

San Antonio, Texas

Desmond says: "My God Book Dad, read it again, read it again!" and 
"What's that?"' pointing to the light emanating from the children's hearts. 
I say, "What is that Desmond?" He says, "yight" and giggles raising his shirt.

I can't wait to buy my friends a copy. Really.

Austin, Texas