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Michele Zink Harris, a physical therapist, mother, educator, wife, and Christ follower, discovered her passion to write as she pondered additional resources to speak spiritual truth into the hearts and minds of their three precocious sons. Michele published her first book, "God's Spirit in the Heart of Every Child," in May 2010, and her second book titled, "The Plain Little Yellow Pencil - Leading by Placing Yourself Below," in spring 2011. Proceeds from book sales go to support the work of International China Concern.

"Our children are growing up in an unprecedented scientific and technological world. They will know quantum physics, communicate with the world, see to the edges of the universe, and discover more than we could ever imagine. Through stories, I want to assist in tearing down the veil separating the lenses of scientific re-discovery and spiritual evolution. My ultimate vision is a world where young hearts and minds are focused and entangled with the spirit of God’s two Great Spiritual Laws of Love."

Michele treats children and adults with traumatic injuries or progressive neuromuscular disease with special focus on the unique needs of the individual living through ALS.

"These individuals, whose lives intimately touch mine, provide a window into the extraordinary capacity, faith, courage, and
triumph of the human spirit."

Michele enjoys speaking for local and national professional and patient organizations. She is a member of the adjunct faculty in the physical therapy program at Texas State University and enjoys a Christian mission relationship with
International China Concern. She has developed a presentation of her China mission experience working with the disabled and abandoned. This moving exploration of humanity's spiritual evolution is available for bookings at worship services, retreats, meetings, and bible studies.

Michele is also available to meet with student groups to discuss the vision, inspiration, passion, perseverance, and praise required to complete a purposeful creative process. Through these discussions we focus on the excitement of finding your gifts and then the joy experienced when giving them away.

"Ultimately, I want to help unite the next generation with their infinite potential, and remind them their souls are free. My dream is a world where every young person allows no one, but their Creator, to define who they can become, or dictate how their unique gifts will serve at His table called life. Then, we can all sit back and watch as they truly reflect the light of His image, and resonate the song of His love on this planet."

Austin Faith and Family
Check out Michele's monthly column in Austin Faith and Family magazine. Her colorful stories weave scientific exploration with the truth of God's two spiritual laws of love.

"For the Heart and Mind of Your Young Einstein," brings a unique perspective of Jesus' way, truth, and life to children of all ages.

Contact Michele for group book orders or scheduling a speaking engagement