My primary goal for blogging, public speaking, and writing stories is to weave the truth of God’s two great “Spiritual Laws of Love” into the hearts and imaginations of those who will inherit His world. I believe the ultimate destination for these young hearts is a fabric, knit in unity, that can no longer be torn apart by fear, ignorance, and hatred. I firmly believe the hearts of the future have every potential to claim the courage and creativity to climb higher.

The hearts and minds of the next generation possess everything they need to utilize
science and technology to unite the globe, understand the potential of its
people, and never underestimate the power of dreaming the same dream.

I do not believe God’s dream is about us
striving to change hearts. I believe God’s dream is about us loving in a way that softens hearts, so He can change them.

My vision is a new generation who realize their strength and capability to align with the dreams of God, the love of Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Hearts dancing to God’s beat -
Endless possibilities indeed...


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The Plain Little Yellow Pencil - Leading by Placing Yourself Below, is the first in a series of heartwarming tales using whimsical characters and scriptural analogies. This story teaches children that when they work together and use their individual gifts, they help create God's kingdom no matter how insignificant those gifts may seem on the surface.

Author proceeds donated to International China Concern
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